About Us

My career has been spent as a fitness instructor, personal trainer and mother of five children. Throughout my life I have always striven to eat high quality, nutritious foods. I have eaten LOTS of bars in my years and have read LOTS of labels.

I got to thinking about what I was eating in the bars on the market and questioning all those ingredients listed that I couldn’t pronounce. The idea of not knowing what all those words were without either a background in chemistry or a dictionary was frustrating.

That led to wanting a bar that:

  1. Has an understandable label
  2. Tastes great and feels good in my mouth (I was through with ground up ingredients that tasted like flavored sawdust)
  3. Is healthy for me and my family

I was ready to eat a bar that actually had the appearance, texture, taste and appeal of real food. So I created KIFA BARS. Not only is the taste phenomenal but the texture of the ingredients feels great to eat. KIFA BARS are the best tasting bars in the world.

Charge Your Life
Linda Dance Orme
Kifa Bars Founder
Linda Dance Orme - Kifa Bars Founder